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Is emulation/retro gaming coming to an end?

MM strange question but ive been thinking.......

Im really into retro gaming, amiga (fav) megadrive, psx, snes to name a few. The point of my thread is, in 20 years time, what will be emulated?

PC? i have been using windows pc`s for 8 years and have NO fond memories.

PS2? dont really care even tho i had many top games, pro evo and GTA are on pc so no need to emulate those.

PS3? As most games are simply updated, no one is really going to remeniss or want to emualate fifa 08 when they will be playing fifa 2028

People who emulate amigas i would say are 95% previous owners, in the future there will be no new members of the amiga following, i guess people will just vanish due to life changes etc.

xbox 360? same reasons as ps3 really, hard to get dewey eyed over the games available today. On the amiga you had games like jaguar xj220 and projext x that were classics but never had sequels, nowadays nearly every game is followed by a number or sub title....
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