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IanCharge, yep you are right (you wanted me to say that eh? :P) My post sounds hypocritical. No I have no friends at emuchina.

This seems to be a common behaviour from chinese sites. One chinese site bastard stole quite a few of my old design Shmups page and made them his own. Anyway, you are straightly mentioning about the bit I said about Godflesh mirroring the Dreamzone's file archive, which I thought was wrong. Godflesh perhaps was a bit stupid for saying ' hey, ive leeched the whole DZ archive, and you can leech it from my FTP'. At least he was honest there :P These guys call it as their own. and at no place I said that it was okay, perhaps I should have said so.I just wanted to avoid teh subject, to not get onto this. Of course, I failed :P

I didn't get onto the htML bit. malc surely have to be pissed off at that, just like I got pissed off when I saw my pages in a chinese guy's page, and just how anyone would be pissed off when you see your site layout being ripped off and used without, at least, any permission asked or credit given. It's your hard work and it shouldnt be copied. Thats why we all have copyrigh notices as footnotes.

I think that even if malc emails them, they wont give a shite.

Oh well, should have refined that post, nobody is perfect, and I'm wrong, despite what Ian thinks.

Icy: I'll get to you about some of my original disks. And about an Amiga redump project.... I agree with such a project.... As a matter of fact, I tried to start one, but never went ahead. Anybody interested in starting such a thing? I want clean Amiga disks! I can pass over my design and whatever Ive done to the (never released) site.
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