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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Hello there,

Welcome to the EAB, theres plenty of retrolicious mischief to get up to around here,

So if your into games check out the Games League and Lemon / EAB super league, to test you skill against some of the best retro gamers around!

Or if you are into hardware / modding check out the sub forum for some death defying-pimpafying skillz shown in that thread

We have a market place here tooo so check that beastie out, you never know you may find something you want and or something you might wanna sell..

anyways check out some of the cool projects housed here,

Amiga Games that Weren't
Amiga Magazine Rack
Game Cover Art
Amiga Games Factory
Retr0 Ringtones

there so damn much... i still haven't touched the surface....

so kick back relax and enjoy the honey coated nostalgia of much deserved retr0-dom

A Big welcome to the EAB!
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