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Originally Posted by paranoid View Post
Maybe it would be more productive to point out some lesser-known or personal favorites? I mean, you could poll 100 people and end up with 90% of the same titles that were best-sellers anyway.. (Granted, if they were very good to begin with they'd be popular, but something to shoot for anyway..)
Right, I can find the most popular games easily enough... I'm looking for the quirky games that aren't necessarily popular - but those with an interesting story behind them...

For example, in the Spectrum book, I cover a game called Super Trolley...
It sucks big weenie, but it's interesting because it was written as the result of a "Jim'll Fix It" show.

Another example: I remember a game called "Dynamic Debugger" that appeared in magazines for months, claiming it was going to be the first HAM mode game... I think it eventually slunk out as a standard (and crappy) normal mode game.


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