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But what criteria would be used to make the games list? Most popular? Technically good use of the hardware? Groundbreaking/original game play design? Or all of the above?

I am listing some games, but also why they should be included. Will add to the list if I remember any. Am trying to list universally liked games (tho there will be a few who hate some).

Not necessarily my favourite games, but I think you would need to include:
Defender of the Crown (great cinematic type play, cinemaware know for this one)
Speedball 2 (great 2 player action gameply)
Shadow of the Beast (that multi-multi-parallax stuff)
Xenon II Megablast (the music megablast by bomb the bass)
Turrican (the sequels IMHO built on the first one)
Worms (original design?)
Cannon Fodder (original and fun, great intro too)
Lemmings (original, phrase has even reached popular culture)
Secret of Monkey Island (not played this one, but every1 seems to like it)
Stunt Car Racer (great 3d action, and awesome engine sound)
Elite/Elite 2 Frontier (don't know much about this one)
Sensible Soccer/SWOS (seems to be number 1 sport game, even though I like kick off much better)
Populous (original amiga god game, tho I think powermonger is better)
Total Chaos (so configurable, said best game of its type on any platform)
Dungeon Master (great early RPG game, Eye Of The Beholder1/2 is better but interface seems to be based on it)
Microprose Formula One Grand Prix (great speed on a normal amiga, and was considered best F1 game at the time - possibly on any platform?)
Alien Breed (seems to be popular, don't know which one)
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