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Total Chaos AGA is fun!
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Total Chaos
It is a fantastic game!
It runs in 640x512 pixels with 256 colors. That is 400% higher resolution than lores games like Civilization.
It has the best gameplay of any strategy game of any computer of any time.
The friendly digitized speech is nice.
Easy to start. Just place on HD and go. No 'installer' needed.
The game is still being updated by Team Chaos. The latest sequel was released in 2006 with an update in 2007. All the other games listed so far, while being great games, are also dead games. They have not been updated in over 10 years.
The most user-configurable Amiga game of all time! I think that is why we still play it. If it gets boring we just reconfigure it into a totally different game.
Great fun at parties! Hi Cindy

Hired Guns
Ok, its not as easy to install as Total Chaos but it still can be installed with the included installer and does not need WHDload.
It only runs in 1/4 the resolution of Total Chaos but the cool thing about Hired Guns is the 4-player-simultaneous action!
Probably the best 4-player game ever released for the Amiga.
Excellent gameplay with great soundfx!
Best machine gun sfx of any Amiga game ever.

Super Obliteration
The unique thing about this game is that it has a 2-player-simultaneous mode. Lots of games have that right? But in this game, each person controls part of the same character! 1 person runs and jumps while the other rotates the gun and fires!
Great graphics and great fun! A bit to short though.

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