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Oh man, so many great/unknown/fun/playable/outstanding games...
Lemmings series, Yo!Joe!, Mortal Kombat series, Vroom, Franko, Centurion, North & South, Devious Designs, Toki, Gobli(ii)ns trio, Jaguar XJ220, Reunion, Dune 1&2, Theme Park, Battle Squadron, Dyna Blaster, First & Second Samurai, Another World, Fire Force, Civilization, Brian the Lion, Unreal, Wrath of the Demon, (Super) Stardust, Shadow of the Beast trio, Syndicate, Lotus trio, Doman, Turrican trio, Alien Breed series, Hired Guns, Desert Strike, Banshee, Apidya, Agony, Secret of the Monkey Island 1&2, James Pond trio, Pinball Dreams & Fantasies, Slam Tilt, Heimdall 1&2, R-Type 1&2, Populous 1&2, Soccer Kid, Ishar trio, Death Mask, Super Frog, Chaos Engine, Cannon Fodder series, Push Over, Atomix, Worms, Legion, Kajko&Kokosz... Damn, even Liga Polska Manager!
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