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Zetro, i agree, nice to see sensible comments about the topic rather than an excuse to call someone "gay" etc

Anubis, When i say my collection is complete i meant, i had a few hundered games on my 500. The usual AA titles, sensible soccer, hunter etc and quite a few i wanted but never found......Strangers AGA genetic species, tennis champs data disks to name a few. Im not bothered about pd games and the thousands of rubbish games that were released.

Paranoid, enjoyed reading your comments, you took time to read and address each one. Thanks

One other point id like to make is commodore were the producers of the hardware, from keyboard to sound chips, disk drive, etc. They even did the os.

The PC is not a single machine, its a generic box with an OS from a multi billion pound company (microsoft), a gfx card from a multi million pound company (ati, nvidia)

Sound cards from dedicated companies

Cd & HD drives

The list goes on.........

The amiga was one of the, if not THE last of the traditional home computers, where all the guts were kept inside the keyboard.

"back in the day" people thought the hardware would last for years.

I remember when i bought my A500+ i went for the 512k version as the sales assistant said, no need to buy 1mb version as games will never need 1mb!!!!! I "took a gamble" and went for the 1mb anyway.

Sounds daft but back then, every game ran happily on an amiga as 3d as we know today hadnt really been seen and arcade games such as chase hq and outrun trasfered to the amiga rather well.

Then a few months later (`92) i saw in a shop, doom running on a 486, the machine was about a grand and i was blown away.

the amiga will be doing that one day i thought

i was right!

didnt quite work out how id imagined tho, never mind. happy days
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