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What really REALLY killed the amiga....


Piracy is just a scape goat developers use to jump ship and attempt to remain credible. its a load of bollox, if some one was going to copy the game, they were not going to buy it in the first place.

I am not saying I am every body, but like a lot of my friend, I may play the latest leech download of a game. if i like it.... i buy it... but with most things PC, .... well there just not good enough.

it pisses me off when a developer / distributer blames "piracy" for thier lack of sales.... have they not considered their market research was bull and thier product seriously lacking?

"Piracy" is THE Scapegoat for ALL developer / distributer ills, the main reason why people started downloading Metalica in the late 90's is because they sold out to commercialism and were/now/are crap... no one would pay for that dross.... after all they failed to get a top 20 hit in nearly 4 years.... and expect people to buy THAT album.... bah pathetic.

the truth for me at least.... thats the truth we carry with us, REAL piracy are those that "manufacture" an identical product and then pass it on as the "Real DEAL".... another truth that i hold dear is the cost of this artwork.... remember its mass produced in the millions so it costs a shit-load less to produce than I ever could ..... and it only costs me 2 including case / label media etc.... yet they want sometimes more than ten times that!!!!! who's the fucking pirates now?!?!?!?

Okay... slight rant there.... but its a subject i am passionate over....

now insofar for the Amiga.... ahhhh my beloved.....

when Escom died.... that spelled the end of the Amiga
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