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Originally Posted by Dizzy View Post
I think the answer is:

Cocal Cola....

I once spilled Coca cola in my Amiga and it died..

I think a few thing kill the amiga, first of all many amiga owner didn't upgrade their old A500 and complaining when games didn't work for their machine.
Commodore didn't make HD standard in the amiga 1200, so the software company had to produce multi disk games taking ages to load.
They made some crap machines like 500+ & 600 who should never been made. This way people start thinking bad about Commodore, and didn't support them when the 1200 arrived. (Sega made the same mistake with megaCD & Saturn so no one bought the cool DC).
And then people didn't buy games just copy them
at coca cola incident. I spilt a can in my Speccy +3 - still worked

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God that sounds gay
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