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Well one day there will no REAL Amiga's left after they all stop working, so i guess what is more important is keeping our real Amiga's actually working and enjoy them while we can, because one day we again will have look back nostalgically at when we could once use an "actual" Amiga and not WinUAE.

I will concur though that Piracy really had not much to do with the Amiga's demise, but just due to Commodore and like someone said, lack of funds up against the likes of Microsoft.

The fact also that to buy an Amiga that was modular was BIG money!!.. The A4000 was way overpriced for example and way out of our budgets, but that said, the A500 & A1200 were still VERY expandable, although you couldn't exactly plug in a new chipset like you can with video cards on a PC, but even though the Amiga was this way, i probably wouldn't have had it any other way, because i used to love the way the same chipset in the Amiga was hacked away at year after year to produce amazing results.

The fact that the PC was actually so modular, actually made it "for me" very boring and uninspired. Mind you though, i did upgrade my Amiga as much as i could at the time, with external disk drives, accelerator, memory, CD rom..etc. It was catch up time!.

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