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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Do you have 225 "commercial, copied or original" games for your PC? Maybe 2-3 cracked games? So the numbers were extreme - on PC you only hurt 2-3 large devs that have 100-1000x potential buyers.

Apparently you are thinking just about new releases (and for those I'm sure most of people might have more then 2-3 as mentioned), while there are hundreds 'abandoned' games that you can download on the net for PC.

That is even without touching CD images that you can find on torrents.

It more looks like hardware limitation were the reason companies shifted from Amiga to PC. Just take a look at LucasArt, who developed for amiga until they started to use CD for storage (DOTT, Dig,...) or 3D support (X-Wing and similar series).
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