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I'm glad someone mentioned the Playstation, where would that platform be without all of the modchips that made piracy wholesale on the PS1? Do you think that Sony would have sold so many if modchips were not around? Not a chance.

Look at how many Doctor 64 and V64 owners there were, that could backup N64 games and stick them on a BBS, two thirds of sod all really, there was a guy who ran a Nintendo BBS not far from where I live.

I think that originally, Sony turned a blind eye to all the modchip scene, as it provided greater exposure of their PS1 to the masses. Then the piracy side of things all went ballistic and people were renting their way through Blockbuster, so they had to do something about it.

Commodore's failing was the same as Atari's, in that they created custom hardware that didn't move with the times, eventually with a PC you could upgrade a CPU and the memory far more easily and cheaply than you could an Amiga or an ST, it was purely down to economies of scale caused by the PC taking off in offices.

The PC was an office machine that eventually became a games platform as well, the reverse could not be said of the Amiga, despite some cracking DTP software like Final Writer, Wordworth etc. The Amiga was perceived as a games machine and it could never get the credibility as an office machine. The only area where the Amiga held on for far too long was in CGI and rendering where the PC could not compete for ages.

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