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Did piracy kill the amiga?

My answer, of course not. It was the same as the other computers, spectrum, c64, amstrad etc. The machines had a finite lifespan as the hardware couldnt be upgraded or as in the amiga, didnt have the financial clout to compete with the pc/microsoft.

I know piracy harms developers and its illegal but when i was at school EVERYONE who owned an amiga owned copied games and the amiga was i reckon the 1st machine for people to create "games lists for"

In my 24 years of gaming ive never heard of a developer go bust due to piracy.

Thanks to the net i have ammased a collection of around 3gb of amiga games. In my eyes my collection is complete, every game ive always wanted i now own. As some of these games a are probably still owned by some company or other, am i being naughty?

If i borrow a friends dvd film and copy it to dvd its copyright theft and naughty..... If the film is on tv and i record it to watch another time, is it still theft?

If its just the film from start to finish, whats the difference?

Just a few things going round my head tonight lol
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