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Lol, no I didn't get your copy of pirates... but what I was stating before seems to have gone totally unnoticed...

Regarding tagging disks with URL's, distro messages or other forms of advertisement on images you did not create/make is quite possibly the lamest thing happening in the amiga scene at this moment. TOSEC continually strive for redumps of vandalised images, images that have been modified by ALE, BTTR and probably other little groups out there. What it means in the long run, is ppl checking 10 copies of 1 disk, looking for a copy that doesn't say 'Fucked-up by Blah Blah'..
If you didn't design the image, you have no rights to alter it, and any attempt to do so is merely an excercise in self-importance and ego boosting.

TOSEC is here to clean up all the images out there, while certain people just want to tag things that go past them to create a name for themselves on the scene.

Its all about preservation of original media, not quantity of tags..
Do places like Amiga Redump Project exist for the fun of it??, I think not.
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