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Let's say I leeched you entire site, changed the name on it to mine, and then uploaed it to some web space, from what you just said you wouldn't care ...... I think you would be plenty pissed.

Beneath a Steel Sky was a commercial game as far as I'm aware (Seeing as I paid for it) that's at their site!

And I don't think it just the fact that they've took his collection of games, the fact they have basically copied the Game section of his site, games, pictures and descriptions, might be reason he's, rightly, P'od.

I remember a couple of weeks ago that you said that people who leech another person's stuff are crapheads. Are you friends with someone who runs Emu-China or have you one rule for one and a different rule for other's??

Hipocracy is not big or clever.
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