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backing up amiga originals before they die

this may be a moot point and possibly i should not be asking this question,but does a software copier exist that will enable me to copy(backup) the following amiga original game disks,battle squadren,z out and leander.these games are on the verge of going mouldy and i want to save em whilst i can and the various x copys i have are not up to the job.seeing as i purchased these games i should be able to safeguard them,but copy protection of the time stops me doing this,now seeing as floppy disks are such a short lived and unsafe medium,i should have this right.
why not get em off the net you ask?,good question,the cracked battle squadren would not run full screen unless it was ran in 60hz(ntsc) and this stretched the sprites and lost the player approx 20% off the playing area bottom,whilst the original kept accurate dimensions at full screen(i assume the crack was a pre release or beta).z out saved scores whilst the crack would not(important if running on a real amiga as action replay carts would not freeze ths game).
i seem to remember an old software copier called hercules would actually copy battlesquadren,does anyone have it ?,it can be found on old compilation copy disks,but mine have gone mouldy!
thanks for listening,bye.
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