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Originally Posted by Unknown_K View Post
Ditch the S3 Vige DX and get the PCI version of the Nvidia RIVA 128 or a 4MB TSENG ET6000 based video card, much faster for all DOS modes.

Dual Voodoo 2's are good for Windows games, DOS 3D games generally supported the 4MB Voodo 1 with 640x480 resolution only. I suggest the Orchid Righteous 3D for a Voodoo1 since it has mechanical relays instead of solid state ones like all the others so you get better video quality (and the clicking noise when it switches video mode is cool to hear).

The DB60XG is nice, but I prefer the DB50 yamaha waveblaster card instead. Why take up another slot.

Like Jmmijo said the Soundscape is nice, but the SB emulation sucked so turn it off if you use it and keep a real soundblaster handy.
Is the TSENG a PCI card?

mmm...there's nothing like the original CT1740 Soundblaster 16 pr0n

This + a DB50/60XG and a Roland Lapc-I is as pr0ny as it gets

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