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Well written article and a very good read. Can't say that I relate to it, though. The minimalist graphics were fine, but Sensi Soccer always seemed more arcade than sim to me (and to the point that I never could get into it).

Perhaps some (all?) of it is that being from the US I haven't seen a lot of soccer/football. Granted -- I never disliked it like many others from the US, and by the World Cup in '94 I was very much enjoying it and understood many nuances. But I guess I saw Sensi Soccer as being in the same league as any other sports game you'd drop a quarter into.

In any event, I always sort of wondered if my view of Sensi Soccer was shared at all. (I think this is a bit of a derail, perhaps though.)

Anyway, back to the article. Very good, like I said. And my being unable to really relate is probably just a cultural thing; I know Sensi Soccer enjoyed/enjoys great popularity.
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