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@ Charlie & Zetro


@ Charlie

Maybe now i should pimp up my Amithlon and make some pics, too? ATM it's not very nice, still running PowerIcons but I want to try AfA OS when I have more time. So this could take some time.

Concerning the Amithlon vs. OS4 issue (only my point of view of course):

- OS4 is fast but Amithlon is much faster (and that is running on an old, crappy 700MHz K7 here).
- OS4 has issues with my X-Surf, Amithlon supports all the hardware including Network.
I really like OS4 because it is something I can play with on my original hardware and I think the ploblems will eventually be solved.
If then there is some PPC software to appear I think it could be a very useful system regarding the age of the hardware.
Amithlon is IMHO without a doubt one of the best pieces of software ever written and it's a shame what happened to it.
If you have a running system I am sure it beats the crap out of OS4 Classic when running 68k apps.
I don't want to say which system is better, they're both fun and that's all that counts for me.

I once was an Amiga fanatic but this lies long ago (and I take my pills ), now it's my hobby and it's a nice one!
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