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Originally Posted by cv643d View Post
Amigaz are u sure you have read the manual?

I did not even manage to install OS4 before reading it (first time in 15 years I needed to read a f"n manual before managing a software installation).

When you install it be sure to select the graphics board you have, it is on AGA by default.

I did get errors on 3 installations of 5. In final part OS4 installation copies a couple of files to the harddrive, I got an error there that the installer could not copy any files so I had to format/reinstall because I did not know which files where needed, slightly annoying but at least now it is installed on a quiet HD.
I don't even get as far as being able to install it on my A4000

On my A1200 I chose my Voodoo 3 of course

Installation went fine on my A1200 and OS4 boots up fine but the graphics are corrupt like when you set the GPU clock speed to high and windows moving etc is sloooow

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