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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post

I look forward to seeing it.

Welcome to the EAB - I hope you stick around there's a fair bit going on here and it's always good to see new members.
Glad to be here... I've sadly neglected the Amiga community in favour of the Speccy for a few years now, and I'm trying to redress the balance.

Any suggestions as to how to get the largest Amiga-lover audience for this announcement/request would be appreciated...

The layout of the book would be the same as the prior two, with chapters for each year that the Amiga was commercially active (before the rise of the consoles, in this case).
Each chapter would have a intro page that summarized the year in question, and then each of the most notable games (good, bad or ugly) from that year would be described with a section on the game's background, some interesting trivia associated with it, and a brief description of the gameplay, along with box art, screenshots, scores from the leading Amiga magazines and an interesting quote from one of the magazine reviews.

There is a (slightly out of date) preview chapter of the C64 book viewable here. It's been updated/edited a little since then, and is pending further changes depending on how the page proofs turn out. One caveat is that the page background appears a bit more prominent on screen than it does on paper.
There is also a sample chapter (pre-final edits) of the spectrum book here.


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