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Maybe this quote from USENET will help:

comp.sys.amiga.programmer (David Tritscher)

Resident programs sit in the dos resident list, accessible by users
with the 'resident' command. There is no low memory handler so once
your program has found it's way to the resident list, it's there till
you use 'resident REMOVE'.
The 'H' protection bit meant 'hidden' for pre 2.0, then changed to
'hold' for 2.0-3.0 inclusive. This made the _shell_ automatically add
the program to the dos resident list. LoadSeg() WON'T do this for you.
Both the 'P'ure and 'H'old bits must be set for the shell to add the
command to the resident list. I use 3.0 and most of my c: commands have
the hold bit set. This functionality was removed in 3.1 because there
wasn't enough space in the roms.
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