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EDIT: Thanks DUKE!

Ok, I was being lazy I guess. After a bit of searching, I found this:


The 'hidden' attribute is not used under AmigaDOS; setting it does not cause
files to be hidden from directory listings. In fact, the AmigaDOS 3.1
'protect' command does not recognise the 'h' bit.


The 'pure' attribute indicates that the file is residentable and re-entrant,
and can be made resident with the AmigaDOS 'resident' command, or equivalent
command if operating under a different shell.
Now I know OS3.9 only uses hidden, or hold if Duke is right.

"Pure" seems pointless, as you can make something that's not marked resident "resident" anyway. Workbench 3.0 seems to use it, but it looks like it was done away with on Workbench 3.1 and above. Just like the executable flag - Workbench 3.0 used it to mark libs and other files without icons as projects, while 3.1 and above just makes everything +RWED and therefore if it doesn't have an icon it's identified as a tool.

So, can I disable these attributes globally on a Workbench install and not have any problems?

In other words would making all files +RWED -HP result in any issues?
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