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Can I blow the surprise, Malc? I think it might have to do with the machine I recently acquired

I don't get onto all this 'you got my disks, no you got mine!' conversations... everybody knows they are too dubious.We are all stealing everybody, if we think this way. At least tehy did not get your permissions, they just nabbed teh PD games, which are free to take, methinks, and when people boot it they will see a link to your site, so you are kind of credited (I doubt such lazy gits know what a startup-sequence is, or how to change it).

If you dont want your images floating around just don't distribute them. That reminds me, mi cherished copy of Pirates is floating around... Did you get that one, Icy? It came from my original. If not, I'll send it to you. i gave it to Sane, and I rather have you getting it than that godflesh 'ard...
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