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Since we are comparing filesizes I have commanded ZIP and LHA to use their best compression methods. This means all my zip files are smaller than mailman's zip files.

I ALWAYS use the -r recursive command when making archives. I ALWAYS use the best compression available.

; Here is the script used to conduct the test
; Place the test files in T:
; Be careful that only the test files are in T: and not any others.

lha a -rade -3 -v0 ram:XM.WeirdOfAchron.lha t:XM.WeirdOfAchron
lha a -rade -3 -v0 ram:FFmpegPPC.lha t:FFmpegPPC
lha a -rade -3 -v0 ram:DBM.WcManager.lha t:DBM.WcManager2
lha a -rade -3 -v0 ram:AEROSMITH.iff.lha t:AEROSMITH.iff
lha a -rade -3 -v0 ram:09.DAT.lha t:09.DAT

zip -R -9 t:XM.WeirdOfAchron
zip -R -9 t:FFmpegPPC
zip -R -9 t:DBM.WcManager2
zip -R -9 t:AEROSMITH.iff
zip -R -9 t:09.DAT

; Test all files in 1 archive 
lha a -rade -3 -v0 ram:Everything.lha t:#?
zip -R -9 t:#?
Here are the results. Let the carnage begin:
Code:                       12423 ----rwed Today     03:54:51
09.DAT.lha                       12436 ----rw-d Wednesday 13:29:38
ZIP saves 13 bytes! Zipfans cheer wildly!

Code:                   516386 ----rwed Today     03:54:41
FFmpegPPC.lha                   516445 ----rw-d 18-Jan-03 20:04:08
ZIP saves 59 bytes! Zipfans go into drunken revelry!

Code:               269620 ----rwed Today     03:54:50
AEROSMITH.iff.lha               272097 ----rw-d 14-Apr-97 16:19:48
ZIP saves 2477 bytes! Zipfans celebrate with crazed orgy!

Code:               242560 ----rwed Today     03:54:45
DBM.WcManager.lha               238189 ----rw-d Yesterday 13:47:08
LHA saves 4371 bytes! Zipfans boo and hiss!

Code:            858677 ----rwed Today     03:54:07
XM.WeirdOfAchron.lha            853836 ----rw-d Yesterday 13:47:14
LHA saves 4841 bytes! Zipfans begin rioting and torching cars!

ZIP 2549
LHA 9219

LHA FOR THE WIN! LHA WINS by 6663 points!

Zipfans change subject to "My dad's bigger than your dad!" *

* "My dad's bigger than your dad" is a registered trademark of Graham Humphrey Inc.

Now lets archive the original 5 files all together in 1 big file.
Directory "ram:" on Saturday 08-Dec-07                 1899578 ----rwed Today     03:59:31
Everything.lha                 1892999 ----rw-d Yesterday 13:47:14
LHA WINS AGAIN! LHA saves 6579 bytes! Zipfans admit defeat.
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