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Beren Camlost
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@Beren Camlost: I'm afraid your main assumption is incorrect. Fractallyte's previous post says quite clearly "It's a generic kernel" and having spent a few hours staring at the configuration file I can assure you he is not joking.
I stand corrected, thanks!

Originally Posted by OddbOd View Post
The problem appears to be caused by CONFIG_IDE_GENERIC=y, setting it to NO and recompiling makes the problem disappear. From what I have read setting it to YES causes a conflict with the libata driver and prevents many modern IDE controllers from detecting all their disks.
I'm still a little confused. And before I go on it's probably worth to mention that I used the full installation image, not the install CD. I formatted a partition into ext2, unpacked the image, modified fstab and mtab (and menu.lst of my Grub) and then booted, resulting in a kernel panic.

Thinking it was the kernel not being happy with my system, I simply copied all files from the /boot directory of my Kubuntu install (minus the grub directory). With this kernel I boot fine but Xamiga only mount as a read-only filesystem, barring me from doing most operations obviously, and thus is the system not really useable. Also worth to note is that partitioning and unpacking the files, along with modifying them was done as root from another Linux install. This I believe should not affect the write permissions of the filesystem however. I think there may be more misc files I would need to copy over alongside the kernel but I don't really know which ones, nor where to start looking for them

I'll play around some more, and if everything else fails I suppose it's time I start to compile my own kernel
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