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Beren Camlost
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Hello everyone

First of all a big thanks to Amir for he's work with Xamiga. It looks awesome! Only drawback I can possibly see here is the rate at which E-UAE is developed at (or lack thereof). Therefore would it be nice to see Xamiga running on newer hardware, such as mine or Methanoid's. Since the current Xamiga kernel runs on both Amir's hardware and Methanoid's Amithlon PC, I'll leave this kernel alone for now. Booting this kernel on my system results in a kernel panic. I'm sure Methanoid will notice the same thing if he boots without the splash screen

Now, for the possible workaround and my results so far:

Since Gentto was used to compiled the kernel, I reckon the kernel is specifically compiled for the hardware Amir is using. So, I simply copied the kernel from my Kubuntu 7.04 i386 installation, updated my grub config to reflect the changes and rebooted. This let me boot to terminal. However, Xamiga seems to be unable to mount itself as a read-write filesystem, which in turn messes up quite a lot of the startup scripts as filesystem is mounted as read-only, despite read-write being expicitly stated in fstab and mtab. Thinking it was perhaps an issue with the ext2 filesystem, I reformatted it to ext3 and tried again, with same result.
So until I figure out why it refuse to mount as read-write I'm stuck.

An alternative way could be to compile a new generic Gentoo kernel using newer hardware, in the hopes that it would support a larger variety of hardware (or figure out which modules to activate), or let the installation cd compile a kernel for you. The latter will ofcourse make the install iso a lot bigger, but should result in about the same size installation as the installer currently makes.
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