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... in a couple of words.....

custom chips.... custom roms and more custom chips...

although the Kickstarts and WB code for OS's upto 3.9 are wrote for 68020 Motorola's (will work on 040's / 060's with library revisions) the ROM code also routes access to the custom chips (graphics / sound / ide etc)

theres no provision for these on Macs. although they are 68k based moto's their internal architecture is as alien as a PC as far as work-bench is concerned

It would take you some time to write or I should say... re-write the code for it to run on a 68k mac.

arguably you would have to start at re-writing the ROMS and then the intuition structures, exec's a shit load of other low-level bits of code, and then start on re-working the workbench libraries... anything that (hits the hardware) would have to have some level of re-working. Any program that hits the hardware would likely fail, unless you had a secondary abstraction layer to the OS to support hardware calls...

yeah.... i have thought about this..... but it would take .... for one person.... a very VERY long time.... no matter how good you are....

I would suggest looking at having X-Amiga running on your G3, that would fly. or perhaps AROS, that has a huge potention when they get the - inline emulator.
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