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Originally posted by Paul
This is only a minor thing, but I can’t get my screen to centre in 800x600 (see pic). The screen stays to the right and has corrupt graphics on the left.
Yes, I have this problem(?), too. It's not so bad, though, because I only use that res for games that are meant to run on a PAL system. The happiest picture I have is nice, uncorrupted GFX but with a black border along the right side of the screen. Just leave both centering options unchecked.

A really good idea is to set your video card's refresh rate to 100Hz for 16-bit/800x600. This is double the 50Hz PAL rate, so you'll see much smoother movement than at the default rate (usually 75Hz). You'll just get a little blurring effect because images stay on the screen for two retraces. Of course, the same is also true for 120Hz/16-bit 640x480/NTSC, but if you can do 60Hz, that's perfect. As a bonus, some monitors will remember separate screen geometries for these modes (including my Sony 200ES).

The C64 emulator CCS64 is able to set my monitor to 50Hz or 60Hz automatically. Can or will WinUAE support this someday? The way I see it, WinUAE is very close to a completely convincing experience, lacking only screen synchronization. Just a matter of time?

Originally posted by Steve
Also the screenmode I'm using is 720x576. This is a custom (PAL) resolution I have setup which gives the best resolution to play Amiga games on WinUAE.
What kind of video card/monitor do you use? My ASUS V6800 Deluxe (GeForce 256 32MB DDR) doesn't like it when I add custom resolutions by making new registry keys. My old Gainward CARDExpert i740 (Intel 740 8MB) loved it! Also, can that utility make your monitor refresh at 50Hz?
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