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Tower of Babel (demo) and Magic Fly - 3D games

Hi all,

I've put Magic Fly and the AF Tower of Babel demo in the Zone for anyone to try if they want.

I've used generic WHDLoad installs to make them work from hard drive, so if you have WHDLoad, they should just work.

Tower of Babel is a very cool 3D puzzle, action, robot game, and the demo provides you with a level that I have convincingly failed to complete. It is very nicely put together for a demo, with some attractive options, so do check it out.

Magic Fly is actually a bit like the game Descent, but done on the Amiga around 1990. I don't know much about it yet, but it looks lke a pretty good game, with some depth and quirky charm.

We have just kicked off a discussion about these games on the newsgroup so feel free to join in if you have any comments.
There's a fuller game description there too.

Thanks to Codetapper, JOTD and Wepl for the generic slaves, advice and WHDLoad....... and being lovely people.

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