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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
Right as you all know by now I am creating a Demo/Intro DVD of Amiga stuff.. and thru some persevering the awesome Toni Wilen helping fix some AVI Output bugs in WinUAE etc.. this realisation is coming to fruition

Anyway my brain has been ticking overtime, and this is directly aimed at RCK and the other HOL guys...

Basically I have been thinking of adding info for each demo/game intro etc.. nd for games I thought about adding some elements from HOL.. now abviously I am not gonna add anyhting w/out permission and also I will credit ALL HOL contributers within the DVD itself

For each game intro when the user selets the intro it goes to another page which gives the option to view Box covers and some basic info on the game and the developers/publishers.. now I know 99% of this is freely obtainable, and HOL doesn't own the copyright.. but what I want to use from HOL (besides the info) are the box/disk scans etc...

So basically I am hoping to make a mini Amiga HOL encyclopedia

What do ya's think?

Oh and because of the size of some of the stuff (Desert Dreams was a whopping 11gb+ uncompressed, 250Mb compressed) it looks like being a multi-dvd release
As far as copyright, you may not have to worry about it. Unless you want to reproduce something in its entirety (like, say, a game manual) you can use images and things under "fair use" for review purposes (among other things). I'd imagine box/manual cover scans would fall into that. (Reproducing an entire intro.. May be a tougher call, though, even then you're not reproducing the game, so I bet even that would be okay..) (Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer.)

And to toss out an idea, perhaps demos could have an info page too? Not just credits, but, if possible, the competition it was released at, where it might have ranked in some top-tens, etc.. (I have a soft spot for compos.. Never could go, being in the US, but I'd look forward to them for the great demo releases..)
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