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Hmmmm I also need to know more about the SX32 if anyone can help me?
Was it an upgrade for the cd32 or was it a standalone machine?
The SX32 was an upgrade to the CD32 I believe. It allowed you to add a HD, a keyboard and mouse, and also more memory. There may have also been a slot for an accelerator, but I'm not sure. Oh, and you could add a floppy drive too.

Can you play games off a cd even if they weren't meant for the cd32? i.e can you put old floppy games on cd.
Yes and no . There is no reason why you can't play CDs full of PD games on the CD32. However, a hell of a lot of titles require a mouse and/or a keyboard. I remember Amiga Power had huge problems when they were producing their first cover CD because most of the games they could find were like this .

Another thing to be aware of is that many CDs are full of DMS files or LhA archives. You may have some luck with LhA files if the CD includes an automated extract-and-run process (Aminet CDs do this for games), but without a floppy drive you won't be able to use DMS files.

Hope this hopes .
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