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TBH: Nothing that could remotely run OS4. (Not one of my many computers has a PPC in it)

While the above is a nice idea I honestly believe it's a non-starter, if anyone wishes to prove me wrong I'd be very happy. (and for Hyperion)

At the risk of going over well worn ground; so you know my POV:
-OS4 @ this point makes no sense.
-Non-the-less I'd happily buy a copy if I could use it.
(how many people here use 'Amigas' because it makes sense?)

-Call it history or politics, OS4 has been compiled to the wrong platform.
Two reasons:
-Hardware availability + price of joining in.
-IMO: The Amiga is dead. It's a retro-hobby now. (or ought to be) Keeping it on 'life-support' is both hampering that retro-hobby and hampering the development of 'modern' Amiga-like OS's such as OS4.

For any that disagree with this POV, that's fine. Please don't take this as OS4 or Amiga bashing - it's not.

Sorry wandering off-topic...
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