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Originally Posted by cv643d View Post
Hate to break the mood here that Amiga is just a silly "retro" computer.

You can actually use an Amiga for lots of stuff not just for playing transfered ADF-files and braging about your 250+ games WHD partition.

From a technical point of view improving the hardware for the Amiga is interesting. A PPC card wont improve Shadow of the beast but SOTB was a crap game anyways, its just that you guys where 10 years old when you saw that game and wasnt so used to paralax scrolling so you thought it was the best game ewar. There is this operating system for Amiga called Workbench, its kinda good, you can do all kind of cool stuff in it and just like SOTB was a major seller for the Aimga, WB was too (although not many bought an A500 for the OS back in the day).

Now imagine SOTB being WB. What if you could buy a PPC card and get a SOTB in full 3D made in Unreal 3 engine. That is what is happening with WB right now, its remade to run on a faster CPU. now the CPU is not a Pentium, sadly its a PPC and its going to cost u a lot of money if you want to fly with the stars and join in on "club OS4" but for some people thats worth it and its a kind of enhanced experience of WB you had back in 1993 so in a way OS4 is also a way for you to remember WB from back in the day.
You are wasting your time. I have tried, and it is apparent to me that fanaticism, even in regard to something a pathetic as a crusty old computer, is immune to reason.
Move on and enjoy the best games ever on WinUAE, like I do!
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