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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
you say identical, are you certain?
Just look with your eyes, they are the same board with a different heatsink.

How many mods could Elbox make to them??
I dont think they did any mods, but they *might* have written firmware for the card. Assuming it has any. I'm not too sure it does.

I wonder if the mods are something a home hacker could do??
At $40 dont you think it worth taking the chance and buying one of these now??? I am tempted!
Unless you are a coder, what is the point? With no OS drivers it wont do anything 'cept sit there. You'd need to write the drivers / patches for WarpOS, PowerUP or AmigaOS 4.

If you were really interested, you could perhaps contact Sonnet and see how many they have in stock and what price they could do for all of them. If they have more than 100 units you could maybe get them all and entice a developer into writing the drivers with a free board.

I think you could resale at 2x price with AmigaOS drivers without ripping anyone off.

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