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Originally Posted by Toe-Toe View Post
Wow - that's expensive. Is it brand-new..?
(I thought eBay was mosty second-hand stuff)

Shurely someone must still be making them, then?
Nope, no one is making them. What you have to realise is that the Amiga market is currently working on the "Supply & Demand" principle, Demand waaaay outstrips supply, so unfortunately, prices are very high.

There is a ready to go New AmigaOS4 board available to buy, called the SAM 440EP. However because Amiga inc have decided at the last bloody minute that they really love AmigaOS, the community and everything else, We, the end user cannot buy any new hardware because of their legal wrangling in court with Hyperion. Meaning that although the SAM 440EP board is ready to go, it cannot be released with OS4.

Amiga inc (now Amino) what a bunch of useless muppets.
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