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hi all

first off this is for thomas:
yes you can play many games without the original cd in the pc drive
deamon tools anyone? so you are incorrect my friend!

secondly i would search for the psx version of 2097 or xl (usa) i have both!
and just make a iso file with it with a burning program such as dvddecryptor
,yes it iso's (copy's cd roms) or game cd's or psx game cd's download here:

then i would run wipout in ePSX or the commercial one VGS (MY FAVE)
either by the image made by dvddecryptor ie: wipeoutxl.iso , from your pc's hardrive. or using deamon tools to mount it so the emulator thinks the game is in the drive of your pc.
otherwise you could also mount the pc version using the same process.
not that thomas would have you believe it!

hope this helps

I also seem to remember that there are tools for extracting digital audio or the playstations own sound format from the disks they are on
paradox paradogs or game copyworld is your key!

another great superb fast race n blast game: n2o for ps1,a classic!


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