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A few incompatibilities to report ...

In playing around with WinUAE and trying to create configs for all of my games that actually work, I've run across a few that exhibit problems. I thought I'd pass these along in the hope that the info might be of use in working out the kinks in the emulator.

Batman - The Caped Crusader

This one was working perfectly under 0.8.17, but under 0.8.21, when it reaches the title screen, both the sound and the graphics are badly corrupted.

Faery Tale Adventure

This one has been baffling me for a long time. The game works fine, but during the intro (when it's flipping through pages in the book), the sound is VERY scratchy/noisy. When you get past the intro and into the game, the sound is fine. I've tried this one with a number of WinUAE versions, including the 0.8.8 version that so many people swear by, with the same results. With 0.8.21, the problem has actually gotten somewhat better, in that the sound starts to clear up before the intro is finished, but it still starts out sounding really bad.

If there's any other information that I can provide that might be helpful in trying to isolate the problem, I'd be happy to do that when I'm at home.
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