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Exclamation Small WinUAE 0.8.21r2 Report

Ok I've had a bit of a play with it and I'm quite impressed by the latest version. It's a lot better than release 1 anyway. I've found that setting the CPU tab to about 6 or 7 gives a good stable speed with not much slow down. On version 0.8.17 I used to keep the "Fastest Possible" radio button selected and I had perfect speed in every game I played but it doesn't seem to offer fast results in the latest version. It slows the emulation right down in fact. Is that option now redundant? Another thing I've noticed is that the sound isn't as crystal clear as it was. It gives an occasional crackle every few seconds. Could this be a Soundblaster Live issue? I'm running on an Athlon 600 with XP. I was hoping for proper CD32 joypad emulation that uses the sidewinder joypad and is configurable but I'll have to wait a bit longer for that.
I managed to get Aladdin AGA to work (boot properly) at last using the latest release which I was very pleased about. Unfortunately it Guru'd before the first level loaded. Has anyone tried Gloom Deluxe out? That's really bizarre. The palette looks all corrupt. Very strange. I'll stick to 0.8.17 for now because I suspect that the latest release demands a faster processor than what I currently have. The games and Workbench appear quite a bit slower on my machine. I'm not moaning by the way. I'm hoping this will help Toni a little bit. I'm really pleased with the CD32 emulation. Top stuff. One more thing before I sign off. Is it possible for a HDF file to become corrupt and get a read error. Because it happened to me yesterday with one of my HDFs. I booted it up and it came up with the read error on sector 5543.... blah. How is that possible? I had a backup though so it wasn't a big disaster.
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