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Originally Posted by krutknut View Post
But what are you people going to do with an "Amiga" OS that does not support any Amiga games or applications? (Or does it support old Amiga games?) Is it still an Amiga then? Is it even remotely useful considering that there are no applications or games, not even a web browser? And isn't the hardware a tiny bit outdated as well?
Doesn't support old applications? Er, my A1/OS4 has, Photogenics 2, Wordworth 7, Turbo Calc 5.1, Draw Studio, IBrowse, Amirc (although I only use Wookiechat now) Amftp, etc installed on my Applications Drawer and they work fine and without a problem. (the only thing is that they all run a lot faster, terrible really)

Games wise, Freespace, WipeOut 2097, Heretic 2, Quake II etc all work fine on my miggy, and they are from my OS3.9 days. (Again, they run a lot faster)
For older stuff I have E-UAE installed.

What's the problem with OS4?
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