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Lightbulb winuaex :bugged black blank screen bordom!

hello folks!!

i hijacked k'gorillas post,sorry new to forum?
(must learn to post-looked in help no>how to post thread?erm)
i hope someone can help me?

but i have a bug in winuax v14

i used to have noprobs running disk images whatsoever os config's or kickstart, i could get all games running, even games like stardust or super stardust-and;not much on screen verification on loading is there fellas?, unless you posess the natural gift of amigaload jedi sense(tm) the skills only learnt by years of disk swapping on the real deal.

anyway here is my problem:

1. some games load ok eg: bobs bad day-anthrox+11 (loads all the time) and displays the cracktro as normal! i see it (not black)

2. some games load and you can hear the cracktro music the screen stays black-but when you minimize to select another game
(push thumbstick in) the screen is there in full colour but minimized so the cractro or game is running fine in minimized mode-> in the frozen state-normal for this option.
-but why is the damn screen black on fullscreen display ??

3 i had all my games running perfectly its just doing the black screen with sound thing recently

i conclude my xbox hdd is quite full only about 60mb free on C: and e: could this be the prob?


i read something about the sort files option somewhere, sort from top or some bug simular to mine, almost exact i think.

anyone save the day?

kind regards


then i can *excel* at my amiga games
========*\update/* ========= i have installed winaueX v16 and cleared over 2gig off the drives, just incase its a save state config bug ala settings... still no joy problems are still: the black blank screen freezing on game selection-plenty do this but not all. i must say out of all the emus on xbox winuaeX is the most bugged out of all the xbox emus... thankyou.. any professors willing to ferment over this problem or is it like politics-erm no firm answer? thanks again ..sine maybe me kickroms are dodgy..or got corrupted somehow...possible after all they are s/w now! or just maybe the emu needs pal50 not ntsc or pal60, dash check about to take place- can i fix it with single self diognosis?? prolly not!! eureka dr heinz wolfe!

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