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Originally posted by Zeewolf
Thanx for the Info Pyro!

Can you still get hold of the fmv card's? Or are they very rare indeed? My girlfriend would love being able to play karaoke on one saving money on actually buying a machine! oh dear i dont think my ears could take it!!

1. Can you play music cd's on a cd32? if so is the quality any good?

2. What is the quality of the karaoke cd's like?

3. Do you need any software to play the karaoke/vcds?

Thanx guys
FMV cards are rare but can be found, make sure you get a PAL one if your country is PAL or an NTSC one if you are in a NTSC country. Music CD's are plug and play and CDTV/CD32 has a cool gfx based interface for music cd's and karaoke cd's. The quality is very good, the type of Karaoke CD's that you can play are CD+G, you will need the FMV card to play the VideoCD Karaoke CD's. You will not be able to play SVCD Karaoke CD's on CD32 but these are rare anyway.

You don't need special software it is built into the CD32's ROMS.
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