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Re: Chip tune via a midi device?

Originally posted by thinlega
I was wondering if anyone has made a chip tune using a midi controler (like a "Phatboy") to change the effects in an amiga tracker...... is it possible?
Phatboy... realtime MIDI controller?

'effects in an amiga tracker'... filters, oscillators, etc?

If that's what you're asking, then I'm sure it can be and probably has been done. I used to use a MIDI keyboard to input events into a modtracker program on my A1000.

I'm not sure what a Phatboy is, but any MIDI device conforms to a set of standards, and if your modtracker supports a MIDI interface, then you can use MIDI events triggered at the MIDI device to record events, alter parameters, etc. in the modtracker. As far as the software will allow, of course. But it's all absolutely possible using standard MIDI protocol.
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