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Hi Photon:
I'm sure Fractallyte could describe his own work far more eloquently than me, but as I'm the one with verbal diarrhoea - I'll have a go.

A few premises:
-You like AmigaOS, but for whatever reason find emulation 'better' than the 'real thing'.
-You find running AmigaOS on top of another OS 'intrusive' with regard to that whole 'experience-thing'.
-You may be a bit annoyed that the underlaying OS causes the emulation to 'feel wrong'. (quite apart from the horribly slow boot-time)
-It's nice / useful that AmigaOS under emulation is FAR faster (and cheaper) than 'the real thing'.
-Maybe you do it 'because you can'.

If that sounds like you, your options were:
(In rough order of 'goodness')
-Run Amithlon - Great, but there are increasing compatibility issues with modern x86 hardware.
-Run AmigaXL - Great too, but QNX is no-longer supported as a desktop-OS so compatibility issues are creeping in here.
-Run KXLight off the Amiga Forever CD - Cleaver, but not that good, and it's bloody difficult to HD-install, and there's no docs, and you may have 'issues' with Cloanto.
-Roll your own Mini-Linux on which to run E-UAE - Great, if you have the faintest idea where to begin. (I'll say no more at this point given my well documented opinions on that subject)

Now we have X-Amiga.
Emulation nirvana if...
...You haven't the guts / hardware to run Amithlon.
...You want chipset emulation out of the box. (Not what Amithlon is about)

Useful answer..?

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