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Well, there is a way to convert SID tunes to MIDI format, then convert that MIDI to XM... Is that what you are looking for?

The app (Shareware) to do SID to MIDI is called (amazingly enough) SID2MIDI. I believe it will only convert SID tunes up to one minute long unless you register; however, the utility is so old I'm not sure if the guy who wrote it has updated it or is even still alive. It is a pretty hard to find utility, and it only runs in DOS. I'll dump it to the Zone in case you want it. has utilities that will convert the MIDI tune to XM, and from there you can mod the track to perfection.

I also included the SID tune "Skate Rock" and the MIDI version of it for chuckles.

Otherwise, I'm not sure I know what you mean... A chip tune from a MIDI controller to change the effects in an Amiga tracker...?

///Correction. I will upload it after the server move (If indeed you want it) as the Zone is currently closed.
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