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@ General

Ultimately Amibay won't just be about Amiga, the site will cover no-cost trading in all retro hardware and software regardless of origin, Spectrum, C64, Atari, MSX, whatever, all will be welcome.

Loads of hardware and software is thrown away every year because people can't be arsed to put it on Fleabay and pay seller's fees.

This is what we hope to tap into, think of a "car boot sale for the retro scene" and you get the idea.

Fleabay and the like just panders to traders and inflates the prices people will pay, we don't want that on our site and traders will have to be approved before they can promote themselves on then site.

Our killer brainchild is the Recycle Bin, where people can obtain stuff not wanted any more by others for just the cost of shipping, this is off-limits to traders and will be carefully monitored by the mods.

We are all pretty excited about this, please help us spread the word....


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