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Originally Posted by Fractallyte View Post

I considered suspend-to-ram, but I heard performance is flakey on different hardware. This is something I'll definitely investigate, though.

Here's a question: how would you implement the option to suspend? UAE-Control only gives a choice to exit. Perhaps a Linux console (or window) requester asking whether to shut down/reboot/suspend? But - that's an extra step (think: 'obstacle') to the ultimate goal... Ideally there should be some extra options in UAE-Control...

Hibernation is out of the question. It involves saving the current state to the hard drive, and on rebooting, querying the kernel and then re-loading the saved state. In the case of X-Amiga, it actually takes LONGER to come out of hibernation than to cleanly reboot!

The Busybox problem is quite common. The CD is having problems detecting your hardware. Does the problem occur on your Zonbu? (BTW, that's an awesomely neat computer! I WANT ONE!!!)

Does the problem occur if you try other distros, like Ubuntu?

I *think* I know of a way to fix it; working on it...


I've tried X-Amiga on my Amithlon PC and it works fine. Thing is that is just the problem. Amithlon is brilliant IF you have the right kit. X-Amiga needs to work on the more modern machines that Amithlon WONT work on.

My non working machine is a GF6150 chipset mobo, with 7600GT Nvidia VGA and SATA. All those components are a No No for Amithlon. X-Amiga should support them.

Does X-Amiga load an Nvidia and ATI driver? Does it support i865/945/965/X33/X35/Nvidia NForce 4/6100/6150/680?

I know it sounds like I am ungrateful. I am NOT, I'm VERY impressed with the package. I just think its missing the target audience.It SHOULD be able to take marketshare from WinUAE.

BTW I also have a few other ideas on the package but I'll worry about them when I can use it on the modern PC.

EDIT; missed the S3 questions. Dont care HOW but would like to be able to resume back to an "Amiga". Havent tried on Zonbu as its being sold now but yes its a cool piece of kit. Just too many PCs and Amithlon PCs to keep them all. Hence the sale in marketplace here!
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