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Yet another newsgroup alert.

Who says piracy on the Amiga is dead? A user by the name of LoneWolf has posted QNX, Amithalon, AND AmigaOSXL up on Usenet and is making it's way around the relevant newsgroups.

Can't help but to wonder where Gary Peake is at a time like this. He used to make a lot of dimestore legal threats when someone posted The Blues Brothers on Alt.Binaries.warez.amiga, now he isn't making a peep.

If you want to tell LoneWolf what a lowdown sneaky snake he is, he is active on Alt.Binaries.Emulators.Misc.

If you use this information to illegally aquire a copy of Amiga's copyrighted material, may the red and white boingball of justice have mercy on your soul.
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