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I did check to see if this had been reported/discussed already, but seemingly not.

It appears the folks over at Amiga Inc have attempted to cash in on the emulation market somewhat by selling some downloadable Amiga games for Windows at $4.99 a pop. It's not a very large list to be honest, and mostly consists of select Cinemaware and Vulcan titles anyway. Out of interest, I proceeded to examine this further by purchasing a download of the oldest game on the list - Commodore's Mind Walker. It installs well, and appears to consist of a single executable, though during initial installation it'll download and install a seperate program called Amiga Classic Engine - another single executable, and which appears to be an offshoot of WinUAE. In fact, you even get a bonus download in the form of the customized source code used for these single-emulation games, known officially as "WinUAE Caveman". Maybe Toni can shed a bit more light on this?

Running MindWalker starts up the game straight away in 16-bit full screen mode (although not quite straight away as it shows the classic AmigaDOS 1.3 screen beforehand). Wondering if the GUI would pop up if I pressed F12, it instead plonked me back to Windows. Hmmm. Running the "Amiga Classic Engine" exe directly though, brings me the GUI. It appears to be based on a slightly older version of WinUAE (as in it uses the recent vertical GUI format, but lacks some of the more recent features added in the latest WinUAE).

I believe I also saw JOTD's name mentioned during the installation process, so I'm led to believe he also has knowledge about this business somehow?

So yeah, this may not go down as popular with many people all round, but I thought I'd report on it at least.
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